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A beautiful woman is washed up on a remote English shore with no memory of who she is or how she came to be in the icy waters. Her rescuer, Lord Ashton, gives her the name Lady Selkie, after the magical seal women in local folklore. Their mutual attraction torments both of them as they struggle with society's expectations and Selkie's hidden past. Can they avoid scandal and overcome their inner demons in order to find happiness?

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Simone Bern, Author
Simone Bern, Author

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Reviews for my books:

Succubus Obsession
"Whew, Smoking Hot Sex Sparks When Simone Bern Pens Her Hot, Hot Short Story... Be Prepared To Have Ice!!" Linda Bass

Demon Master
"There’s a thin line between love and hate. Demon Master crosses to the other side, and skillfully ties it all together...There’s substance and intelligence that shifts to subtlety and blatant unleashed sexuality... The author is very skilled in exploring the layers of her characters in the traditional sense of early sword and sorcery fiction." Joyfully Reviewed

Cat's Game
"Simone Bern gives readers a fantastic erotic espionage adventure with two dominating main characters... The pace is fast and the reader is thrown right into the escapade where both the love scenes and the intrigue were brazen." Night Owl Reviews

" Ms. Bern really did a nice job of spinning a tale of espionage, deceit and of true love... I am definitely looking forward to reading more from Ms. Bern." Literary Nymphs

Taking Chances
" Ms. Bern has taken the many layers of a woman, added the layers of a determined man, thrown in a tricky situation and given a short but interesting read... With a dash of hot sex and a sprinkle of humor this piquant tale is a keeper." Alternative Read

In A Dark Embrace
"I thoroughly enjoyed the sensual aspects of the story, and was intrigued at the dance between two such strong, dangerous characters. How do a witch and a werewolf mesh? Very carefully - read and find out." Night Owl Romance

"In a Dark Embrace is very steamy and very different in a unique exploration that works. Different is good sometimes and In a Dark Embrace is most definitely very good." Joyfully Reviewed

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