Succubus Obsession Celine is a succubus - a demon who gives her lovers pleasure so intense it leads to their obsession, even death. What she can do to a man, frightens even her.

Erin has been moving from woman to woman for a very long time. He meets his match in Celine, a woman who hides secrets both dark and delicious behind an angel's face. But then, he has secrets of his own.

Maybe obsession isn't such a bad thing...
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Cat's Game A powerful man with a dangerous secret, a beautiful woman desperate to steal what he’s hiding…

The game begins when Jan breaks into Marcus Damon’s New York hotel room and ends up with both more and less than she’d planned. Marcus, the brilliant scientist and ruthless businessman behind Damon Laboratories, pulls her into a raw sexual encounter that leaves her physically satisfied but without the data she’s been hired to steal. After passion turns to intimacy and then betrayal, the game becomes more dangerous than either player expected.

When two predators play cat and mouse, they both lose…or they both win.
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Taking Chances Arianne and Darrel are part of a scientific team undertaking a dangerous voyage to explore distant planets. Arianne believes Darrel’s incessant flirtation is the only flaw in an otherwise perfect work relationship. In her experience, men have never lived up to their billing in romance novels. During the turbulent days before their ship makes its first risky leap into the unknown, Darrel finally pushes through Arianne’s barriers and they become lovers. The intense pleasure thrusts Arianne into unsettling new emotional territory. But on this journey, their chances of survival, let alone finding happiness, are slim.
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In a Dark Embrace Lee Gibson is trying hard to be normal. It isn't easy to blend in when yours're a witch–especially a witch with a motorcycle and a penchant for big men and rough sex. When she meets a gorgeous and very unusual man under a full moon she indulges in a hot sexual encounter, never intending it to be anything more. There's no room in her life for a half-wild werewolf, no matter how sexy he is.

Jeremy Blake has given up on meaningful relationships. Sooner or later the wolf in him tears through the carefully structured façade and his lover either crumbles into cringing servility or runs away. Usually they run. Then he meets a woman that responds to his werewolf form with a smile and an invitation–a small, green-eyed witch with no fear and an insatiable desire for his hard, willing body. He isn’t about to let this one get away.
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Demon Master   Vankor is beautiful and pitiless. Rianne is his victim, her innocence repeatedly scarified to the demons that answer his call. She is also his wife and bound to him by a spell more secure than any chain. Rianne burns with hatred even as her body betrays her passion. But when the old gods answer her prayers, she finds herself with a choice. Does she truly desire his death... or his heart?
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Healer's Price Tarianna must pay with her body for the gift of healing she gives to others. When she is hired to ease a young man’s pain, she pushes herself to new limits in order to grant him a reprieve from his illness. However, drawing so deeply on her power creates a ravening hunger in her soul. Men are the tools she uses to feed her gift. But there is one man she truly wants to fill that void - one proud, wounded young man who’s touch she craves.
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